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DORNIER about to launch brand new website

Submitted by admin on Tue, 01/03/2017 - 10:26

Gilching, 1.1.2017

2017 will be a total start from scratch for DORNIER Technologie Aviation Services GmbH.

All our developments have taken us to a whole new level of understanding how the market works.
Of course we will continue supporting DORNIER Aircrafts in the future but over the years we did a lot of new things which made us think:

1. Parts support for nearly all kinds of Aircrafts
2. Buying whole parts packages to speed up lead times for our customers
3. Development of Ballast Converters for cabin lights for the ATR42/72 as the original one does burn down a lot
4. Development of LED retrofits for cabin lights
5. Development of LED retrofits for Cargo Lights (Boeing 777, 747 etc.)

In 2017 we are now ready to start up all our activities.
We will invest into tear downs and therefore build up our own Part 145 Company.
Also we will start with component repairs in our own repair shops.

Finally, we will change our name.
Well ... this is pretty easy to explain. All our activities are not based on DORNIER Aircraft.
Our customers would not expect us to be able to develop things for Airbus, BOEING, Bombardier etc... if we stick to our name.
So we decided to change it.

Which name?
Well... stay tuned :-)

So al in all it absolutely makes sense to set up a brand new website.

We would be very happy to welcome you back as soon as possible.