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Laser Components

DORNIER Technologie Aviation Services offers a powerful Laser System called Flexum.

Why Flexum?
There are many reasons to choose a Flexum System.
- A new marking system with inside was requested from the market and Flexum produced a turn key solution.
- Smallest lasers firestar vi30 (or 48-1) with FH Flyer are built in into the marker
- Includes DC power supply and shutter!
- All wavelengths available!

Compared to a Fenix System this means:

Flexum vs Fenix

Laser: Firestar vi30 (Fenix: 48-2S)
Power: 30W (Fenix: 25W ONLY)
Scanhead: FH Flyer (both Systems)
Shutter: YES (Fenix: NO)
Length: 825mm (Fenix: 1.184mm)
Weigth: 17,4kg (Fenix: 30,8kg)
Wavelength available: 10.6µ/10.2µ/9.3µ (Fenix: 10.6µ ONLY)

Your personal Laser Specialist at DORNIER Technolgie will be pleased to assist you and answer
any further question.